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Media Release

Congress of Congolese-Canadians formed

November 28, 2005

Saturday, 26th November, 2005 was a landmark for the Congolese-Canadian community, who came together in unity. Hon. David Kilgour hosted the afternoon forum that had a turnout of over 70 participants.


The group was able to elect a founding executive of the Congress of Congolese Canadians, comprising individuals and representatives of different groups from Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. The CCC will expand to include other provinces as well. It will serve as a united voice for the community and a point of reference for a potential Canadian elections observer mission to the DRC next year.


“I would like to congratulate my community for coming together in a spirit of unity, to elect for the first time in history, a united body that will represent the Congolese people in Canada.”

-   Reverend Oscar Boloko (Canadian-Congolese, Chair and initiator of forum.)


“It was an honour to assist such a dynamic community who really believe in making a difference both within Canada, and in the DRC. I hope this new Congress of Congolese-Canadians will continue to work together with a common voice to accomplish future goals.”

- Hon. David Kilgour (P.C., M.P., Edmonton-Mill Woods-Beaumont)



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