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Youth Voices

Special Feature

The Next Generation: Focusing on Youth


David Wants to hear from 

Edmonton - Mill Woods - Beaumont Youth!


          David pictured with youth from his constituency.

Let your voice be heard!  Tell us the good things you are doing in the local community, nationally and internationally!


'Youth Voices' is a newly added feature to the Kilgour website.  It is intended to feature  Edmonton-Beaumont youth in action.


To be considered for posting on this website please send your story and photo in .jpg format to with the subject 'Youth Voices'  Two stories will be selected for publication on Youth Voices per month.


Youth Voices



We also invite you to read this sampling of  articles, papers and speeches by David Kilgour in his capacity as Member of Parliament and Secretary of State to audiences focused on Youth in Canada and the World.



Getting Youth Involved

The median age of the residents in the Edmonton Census Metropolitan area is 35,

the fifth youngest in Canada. In fact, Alberta is the youngest province in all of Canada.

Youth in Alberta play an important role in shaping the future of our province.

That is why it is all the more important that they have a chance to participate in the

political process. In the last federal election, only 25% of young people aged 18-25

cast a ballot. Over time, a similar pattern could also have detrimental effects on the

health of our democracy.


Getting youth involved in politics requires more than just trying to get them to vote.

They need to feel that the process has room for their thoughts, ideas and aspirations.

Programs like Katimavik, the Cadets and the Parliamentary Page Program are but a

first step to re-engaging young people in Canada’s political institutions. David supports

the work of groups like “Student Vote 2004” and “Canada25” who engage youth in

both the political and public policy process. David also speaks regularly with high school

and university students to explain his role as an MP and to encourage them to become

interested and involved in elected public service.

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