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Speech at the Rally “The Wall of Sham”

By Furugh Arghavan, New York City
September 26, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen:

First of all I would like to thank you Nazzanine for organizing this rally “The Wall of Sham” against Ahmadinejad presence in UN

I am representative of International Committee against Stoning and I am going to have a touch base on stoning, the most inhuman and barbaric law practiced by the Islamic Regime of Iran.

The International Committee against Stoning was established in 2000 and is affiliated to Iran Civil Rights Committee. The committee was formed to stop the carrying out of stoning sentences in any country of the world and to fight for the abolition of the barbaric laws of stoning in the Islamist countries.

Execution by stoning is a despicable Islamic punishment exercised against adulterous women and men.

Stoning is an execution by torture, the most inhuman and horrifying from of execution.

Under the article 83 of Iranian Regime code of punishment, the married offenders would be whipped 100 lashes in the public before the action of stoning. Men would be burial up to his waist and woman would be burial up to her neck (article 102).

Article 104 says that the stones should not be so large that a person dies after being hit with few stones. Nor too small, not to cause sever injury to the victim,

And shamefully, the regime’s authorities usually force the victim’s family members including children to watch the stoning to death of their loved one.

The brutality of the Islamic republic is not only limited to stoning:

Under the Islamic regime of Iran, Women are degraded and considered 3rd class citizens, sexual apartheid rules and are practiced in all aspect of women’s lives.

In Iran, there is no freedom of speech and association, no trade unions Islamic Republic of Iran has a track record of crimes, no women’s organizations, no right to strike and labour activists are suppressed, arrested and tortured for demanding their unpaid minimum wages which are a quarter of the official poverty line.

Intellectual dissent and non-Islamic religious expression, atheism,.

Secularism is punished by death. Bahais are routed, and Christians are considered second class citizens. Homosexuals are executed and so on.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Islamic republic of Iran has a track record of crimes.

We are here to protest Ahmadinejad presence in UN; we are here to say that Ahmadinejad together with other heads of Islamic republic are representing a regime of terror and blood.

This is important to be said that the Islamic Regime of Iran was never elected by people of Iran. In fact, Khomeini came to power by the support of America and the western powers in order to suppress the revolution of 1978 and 1979 which had already shown strong popular leftist tendencies.

People of Iran have been subjected to intimidation for 3 decades. They have been terrorized into complying with inhuman Islamic rules however; people of Iran have not given up on the fight against the existence of the regime.

People of Iran are determined to bring Ahmadienejad and other Islamist criminals to their knees.

People of Iran are determined to over throw the Islamic terrorist regime not only to save 70 million’s people lives but also to save the world from all terrorist activities supported and/or organized by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The history of Islamic Republic includes a long list of genocide and appalling crimes.

Ahmadinejad and the head of the Islamic regime are the murderers of a generation, they are a bunch of criminals who must be chained and keep them isolated for the safety of human society.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We, in the International Committee against Stoning say an injury to one is an injury to all humanity.

We demand the Islamic Republic of Iran must be expelled from all bodies of the international communities.

All political and diplomatic bonds with the Islamic Regime must be broken.

Ahmadinejad together with other heads of Islamic regime must be arrested and put on trial before international tribunal fro their crimes against humanity.

Ahmadinejad is a terrorist; all the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran are terrorists and must be arrested not invited to United Nation.

Down with Islamic republic of Iran.

Thank you all for being here

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