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Remarks by David Kilgour
Room 257, Parliament of Canada. Ottawa
September 10, 2008

Wilfred Aucoin was born in 1946 in Cheticamp, NS. He lived there for 19 years with a rather large family of brothers and sisters until he moved to Toronto to build a better life for himself.

It was in Toronto while working for Fruhauf Trailers that he met his wife, Vicky and they were married in 1975. They spent their earlier years living in Wasaga Beach and Collingwood, Ontario while he worked for L.O.F Autoglass and Vicky worked in the courts. They had two children together Lisa and Richard, who were raised in Simcoe county until the mid-eighties when the family moved to Ottawa so that Vicky could fulfill her dream by becoming a Parliamentary Reporter.

In Ottawa, Wilfred began to work for the MSSU on Parliament Hill where he continued his employed until retirement due to health reasons.

He was very involved in the community, and was even President of the Gloucester Basketball Association for a number of years.

Along with my Vicky, he played host to over 78 international students from all over the world who were visiting and studying in Canada. Wilf loved to interact with them, teach them about Canada and learn about their own countries and personal experiences.

He was an avid crib and euchre player, loved the Montreal Canadians with a passion and enjoyed spending time with his family and friends.

Most people will remember him by his friendly demeanor, willingness to help anyone out and good nature.

He is survived by his wife Vicky, his two children Lisa and Richard and he is also blessed to be a part of VERY LARGE extended family filled with brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews - many of whom still live in Nova Scotia today!

Wilfred Aucoin passed away on August 17th at the Ottawa General Hospital after a long 8 year battle with cancer. He fought the battle with courage, strength and determination. He is someone who has had a profound effect on many lives and those who very fortunate enough to have known him were blessed have had him in their lives.

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