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Made-in-China pretzels recalled in Ontario

Traces of melamine found in two products
The Vancouver Sun
October 02, 2008

Two varieties of coated pretzels made in China have been taken off of Ontario store shelves after testing positive for the harmful chemical compound melamine.

Forty-gram packages of OK OK-brand Kaiser Strawberry Dressing Pretzels and 50-g packs of Kaiser Chocolate Dressing Pretzels were found to have traces of melamine and were subsequently recalled, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced Wednesday.

The products, distributed by Dai Jung Distributing of Scarborough, Ont., have been distributed throughout Ontario, a CFIA statement said. No illnesses have been reported from ingesting the pretzels.

The recall is the latest in a string of melamine-related recalls stemming from the Chinese tainted-milk scandal that led to the death of four Chinese infants and made thousands more sick.

The pretzel recall is part of an ongoing CFIA investigation into milk and milk-derived products originating in China.

Melamine, a chemical usually used in industrial products, is usually harmless in small amounts but when ingested by infants it can lead to kidney failure.

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