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Protection of Camp Ashraf residents

Written Declaration No 415
Doc. 11735, Council of Europe
October 02, 2008

This written declaration commits only the members who have signed it

Amnesty International (28 August 2008 statement), the European Parliament (4 September 2008 resolution), and the International Federation of Human Rights (8 September) have expressed concern regarding the threats posed to 3,500 Iranian political refugees in Camp Ashraf in Iraq, who are protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Relevant international bodies and U.S. officials have confirmed that the principle of non-refoulement and protections under International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and International Law apply to Ashraf residents.

We are deeply concerned that the protection of Ashraf may be transferred from the U.S.-led Multi-National Force-Iraq to Iraqi forces resulting in greater pressure on the Iraqi government by the Iranian regime to crack down on or extradite PMOI members in Ashraf, and allowing the regime to increase its terrorist attacks on Ashraf. They would face torture and execution if returned to Iran.

Transferring protection of Ashraf under the present circumstances violates the principle of non-refoulement, the Fourth Geneva Convention, the Refugee Convention, the Convention Against Torture, IHL and International Law and would result in a humanitarian catastrophe, thus we urge U.S. forces for as long as they remain in Iraq to continue to protect Ashraf residents and uphold their judicial protection under international law.

Signed (see overleaf)

Signed: 1

EVANS Nigel, United Kingdom, EDG

ANDERSON Donald, United Kingdom, SOC

AZPIAZU URIARTE Pedro María, Spain, NR

BARTOŠ Walter, Czech Republic, EDG

BLOM Luuk, Netherlands, SOC

Van den BRANDE Luc, Belgium, EPP/CD

CHOPE Christopher, United Kingdom, EDG

CILEVIČS Boriss, Latvia, SOC

COLEIRO PRECA Marie-Louise, Malta, SOC

CORREIA Telmo, Portugal, EDG


ČURDOVÁ Anna, Czech Republic, SOC

DENDIAS Nikolaos, Greece, EPP/CD

DÍAZ TEJERA Arcadio, Spain, SOC

ELZINGA Tuur, Netherlands, UEL

EÖRSI Mátyás, Hungary, ALDE

ERR Lydie, Luxembourg, SOC

ETHERINGTON Bill, United Kingdom, SOC

FAHEY Frank, Ireland, ALDE

FERTUZINHOS Sónia, Portugal, SOC

GALE Anita, United Kingdom, SOC

GARDETTO Jean-Charles, Monaco, EPP/CD

GIARETTA Paolo, Italy, NR

GLESENER Marcel, Luxembourg, EPP/CD

GREEN MACÍAS Rosario, Mexico, Obs.

GREENWAY John, United Kingdom, EDG

GROSS Andreas, Switzerland, SOC

HANCOCK Michael, United Kingdom, ALDE

HÖFER Gerd, Germany, SOC

HÖRSTER Joachim, Germany, EPP/CD

HUSS Jean, Luxembourg, SOC

IVANIĆ Mladen, Bosnia and Herzegovina, EPP/CD

IZETBEGOVIĆ Bakir, Bosnia and Herzegovina, EPP/CD

JACOBSEN Bjřrn, Norway, UEL

JIMÉNEZ MACÍAS Carlos, Mexico, Obs.

JIMÉNEZ RUMBO David, Mexico, Obs.

JOHANSSON Morgan, Sweden, SOC

JOHN-CALAME Francine, Switzerland, NR

JONKER Corien W.A., Netherlands, EPP/CD

KELEMEN Attila Bela Ladislau, Romania, EPP/CD


KOX Tiny, Netherlands, UEL

KÜHNEL Franz Eduard, Austria, EPP/CD

van der LINDEN René, Netherlands, EPP/CD

LÓPEZ AGUILAR Juan Fernando, Spain, SOC

MALINS Humfrey, United Kingdom, EDG

MEALE Alan, United Kingdom, SOC

de MELO Maria Manuela, Portugal, SOC

MILO Paskal, Albania, SOC

MONFILS Philippe, Belgium, ALDE


O'HARA Edward, United Kingdom, SOC

OLSSON Kent, Sweden, EPP/CD

O'REILLY Joe, Ireland, EPP/CD


PAVLIDIS Aristotelis, Greece, EPP/CD

de POURBAIX-LUNDIN Marietta, Sweden, EPP/CD


QUINTANILLA BARBA Maria del Carmen, Spain, EPP/CD

SCHRAM Ellert B., Iceland, SOC

SOBOLEV Serhiy, Ukraine, EPP/CD

ŠOJDROVÁ Michaela, Czech Republic, EPP/CD

STEENBLOCK Rainder, Germany, SOC

SZABÓ Zoltán, Hungary, SOC

VAKSDAL Řyvind, Norway, EDG

VAREIKIS Egidijus, Lithuania, EPP/CD

VARVITSIOTIS Miltiadis, Greece, EPP/CD

VERA JARDIM José, Portugal, SOC

VIS Rudi, United Kingdom, SOC

VOULGARAKIS Georgios, Greece, EPP/CD

VRETTOS Konstantinos, Greece, SOC

WALTER Hansjörg, Switzerland, ALDE

WALTER Robert, United Kingdom, EDG

WOLDSETH Karin S., Norway, EDG


ZISSI Rodoula, Greece, SOC


Total = 73

1        EPP/CD: Group of the European People’s Party

      SOC: Socialist Group

      EDG: European Democratic Group

      ALDE: Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe

      UEL: Group of the Unified European Left

      NR: not registered in a group

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