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Food safety summit - All China Dairy Food Held Up at U.S. Border

"The Food and Drug Administration has begun stopping imports of Chinese dairy and dairy-based products from entering the country in an effort to keep out food contaminated with the industrial chemical melamine."

What has the Canadian Food Inspection Agency done to protect Canadians?

Notice that the FDA "stops" tainted food products from China, whereas the CFIA seems to just send out "alerts" and conducts "random checks."

How effective is the CFIA system? Can it be improved?

Melamine - Certain products from China

The penalties for companies manufacturing dangerous food products are a joke.

For example this Chinese noodle maker was fined $2,000 in 2006 for violating the Food and Drug Act, then two years later he is fined just $2,000 for another violation.

If someone dies from eating his products will he be fined another $2,000?

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