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Stop Disabling & Murdering Lives;
Stop Selling & Harvesting Organs
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From: Tatiana A Kostanian in San Francisco
Updated on June 22, 2008


Target: Petition Goes To The United Nations To Stop CCP's Human Rights Violations
Sponsored by: MHONA  International

The Communist Chinese [CCP] have been harvesting organs and tissues of lives, youth to elderly, of the Falun Gong and other prisoners in their slave labor camps. It is outrageous enough to know of these human rights violations, but the CCP is selling the organs, tissues of these innocent prisoners. All monies are sent back to the CCP. In effect, the CCP have been and continue 'to bank on the lives of their victims'. This is a billion dollar business! Now you know why they don't want it stopped.

What this means for all locally globally, is that if it is Medicare, Medical, or other insurance companies, it means YOU, the tax payer would be partici-pating in any/all of these crimes against humanity. Do you want your person or loved ones now, or later in history to be known as one who was complicit in the murder of countless innocent lives?

Many victims are sliced open while still alive by camp guards; most bodies, head to toe.There are over 7,000 concentration camps in mainland China; Many camps with mini hospitals on site to immediately take these organs, tissues to waiting patients needful of organs of the CCP, their relatives, or from wealthy lives from abroad. Many from outside China have been lured to China to have transplants. Price for these organs, tissues, prohibitive!

Another horror: All international lives from abroad who go for any of these transplant surgeries, when they leave Communist China, and go home, no hospital or physican will competently be able to follow their health needs.

One important understanding peoples outside Communist China do not know:once prisoners are arrested by the CCP, thrown into concentration camps, ALL rights are stripped from any adult/child/elderly incarcerated. The 'taking' of organs, tissues in most countries state signatures be gained. In these Communist Concentration Camps, prisoners are either 'coerced by torture' for their organs and tissues stolen, or just outright murdered for the camp guards who are involved in murdering innocents. This of course is condoned by Chinese Communist Officials at the very top, the same ones who say they are entitled to the Olympic Games.

ALL global communities, Please help us bring a final stop to these crimes. Many of us in the disabled community objected to the Olympics based on these crimes going on, and crimes, occupation of Tibet, Burma, the horror genocide in Darfur, etc.. 'Occupied lands and peoples'.

Alert! Nobody cared to include our voices of any of our disabled lives, or communities. Of all peoples and children who know about these disabling issues, it is we.

We should be included, especially because of these issues. Many of us, if not family members, have survived such terrible issues of torture, etc. plus added issues of disabilities, illnesses, diseases. Why else is history looking at the issues of the Olympics of the Nazis, and then choose to dismiss what is transpiring ongoing in and of the CCP ?

The CCP are using other divisive measures to keep this out of the world press. It is up to all of us, individually, and collectively as free human beings of the globe, to say, enough, no more lies; bring this before the world court. Please assist MHONA in gaining our brothers, our sisters signatures on this petition, even if YOU must sign for them. Leave no signature out.

We are disabled lives and profoundly, countless millions awaiting forever, transplants of various organs, tissues, locally and globally. We would never take any of these organs or tissues, just to live one minute longer. Many others without conscience have and continue to do just this.

We refuse to keep our silence or be complicit! 

All members of the global community have had their say. The disabled, the profoundly, and all awaiting transplants have had little say or even inquiry made as to how we feel about such crimes and travisty of justice. We now say, enough!

We are not against athletes of the Olympics, but are against the Chinese Communists leadership and their home grown killers.

With friends, families, with all of you in the community at large,we are not at all afraid to come forward. We do come forward on the global internet to ask every child, young adult, elderly to sign our petition. Let us tell the Chinese Communists, this is one of the main reasons we are opposed for them to have the honor of holding the Olympics. We are not against Chinese civilians and children.

We are against the criminal elements of their government, the leaderships committing these atrocities, the ongoing acts of genocide.Let us not forget the extremes of torture these poor civilians, children all endure before their lives are tortured so cruelly and mass murdered.

The Olympics are about 'honor'. Any nation or human beings who do these crimes, are not 'honorable' peoples, nor do they offer trust to any lives anywhere, short or long term. History cannot forget such evil.

Conscience comes before  the mention of 'honor'. The Chinese Communists do not know the word, nor respect or honor, 'life'.
They state it is an honor to hold the Olympics.

At what cost will it be for the whole world to go to the games, yet ignore the backdrop of murder incorporated going on, round the clock in the backyards of Communist Mainland China?

Please sign and do link to our petition site. Translate our message, but do get everyone's signature. Encourage everyone who believes in our Universal Human Rights to join with our voices against the CCP for these crimes against humanity. Let us not forget Tibet, Burma, Uighyars, Darfur and their own peoples in mainland China. We must not let the CCP think their crimes are hidden or will ever be forgot by any peoples or nations.

From The Heart of San Francisco, where the initial Universal Human Rights Doctrine was offered, AS disabled citizens, along with supportive lives and communities locally, globally, we offer our signatures freely.We take lead in this and many other actions against the Communist Chinese (CCP).

Please spread the word to all disabled lives, locally, globally join with us. No matter how frail we may be, it is our voices that must stay strong and resolute in bringing global attention to the mass disabling and killing of innocent lives, AND bringing the CCP before the World Court. Thank you.


We the undersigned, globally come together to tell the United Nations that we want the Chinese Communists to halt all harvesting of organs and tissues of helpless children, adults, elderly incarcerated in all the Chinese Communist concentration camps, as slave labor in mainland China.

We ask for a halt to all selling of organs and tissues globally by the Chinese Communists and or any other nation or peoples.

We ask for a halt to any-all monies being exchanged to the Chinese Communists for any and all of these transplant surgeries.

We ask for the world court to investigate in depth of all these crimes against humanity, as well joining forces with the Committee Investigating The Persecution of The Falun Gong.

MHONA is striving to gain one million signatures and collect  them here on the Care2 website, in addition to those lives supportive in sending their direct letters and signatures to our non-profit address.

Please help and join with us in this important global action. We must do everything possible to stop the insanity of crimes continuing, for millions of more lives will surely be extinguished should we continue to stay silent.

Do this for their lives, but do it most of all, because it is the right thing to do. Our children's children will remember that we cared much, and did not shirk our responsibility to do what is right for as all human beings must.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and sign our petition.



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