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The 2009 Dedication for the New Year
from the Federation for a Democratic China

Janurary 01, 2009

2008 was supposed to be the year that the Chinese Communist Party had longed for.

2008 concluded a protracted eight year wait, caused by the fact that the Chinese Communist Party lost the bid for the millenium Olympic Games in Monte Carlo on 23 September 1993. After such anticipation, it was necessary for Beijing to flaunt its hawkish political charisma and the image of a great economic power. Although the Chinese Communist Party in reality had too many thorny affairs to worry about, it eventually managed to create a glittering Olympic fantasy beyond all expectations to the whole world during the arduous 15 days.

However, 2008 was an onerous year for Chinese political leaders.

On 14 March, Lhasa and other culturally Tibetan reqions underwent massive upheaval when they took a stand against the repression and brutal treatment imposed on them by the Chinese Communist Party regime. On 12 May, a destructive earthquake took place in Wenchuan. On 28 June, tens of thousands of civilians clashed with police in Wengan, Guizhou. On 1 July, Yang Jia, a Pekingese youth, attacked a police station in Shanghai, killing 6 policemen and on 21 July, there was also an associated bombing in Kunming, Yunnan.

After September, the Chinese national economy began to experience turbulence, when the US subprime mortgage crisis triggered an economic tsunami around the globe. Entrepreneurships located in the Zhujiang Delta went bankrupt one by one, after which the horrendous phenomenon spread to the Yangtze Delta.

On 9 December, 303 people signed the 'Charter 08' in mainland China, right at the end of the year, to politically challenge the despotic system imposed by the Chinese Communist Party. The charter confronted the self venerating communist regime on failing to adhere to the basic ethics it committed to when it signed the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights ten years ago, such as freedom of its people, human rights, equality and democracy. Its initiation was similar to the signature of 33 at the beginning of 1989, which led to the 1989 Chinese Democratic Movement.

Ethnic conflicts, natural disasters, social conflicts, economic downturn, political crisis, all indicated that the rule of Chinese Communist Party was rife with peril and its egotistical policies were failing abysmally.

The stubborn Hu-Wen Clique was still enchanted with power and its own interests. The clique rejected political progress, rejected democracy, rejected liberty, and went against the general view of value of mankind. The clique persisted that 'we need to refer to the good examples of human political culture, but never will we copy the western political model.' The clique insisted in the development under Socialism with Chinese characteristics and the leadership of the Communist Party. Such a proclamation indicated to the world that the Chinese Communist Party would not accept any criticism or supervision, neither would it tolerate any political challenge or confrontation on its failing policies.

At this juncture in time, the start of the new year is almost upon us. 2009 is an essential year.

2009 is the Chinese Communist Party's 60th anniversary of the establishment of its rule.
2009 is the 60th year after the exodus of the Republic of China to Taiwan.
2009 is the 50th anniversary for the Tibetan spiritual leader and his people's exile in India.
2009 is also the 20th anniversary for the 1989 Chinese Democratic Movement.

Civil hatred is simmering in contemporary China, and the antagonism between the people and the government appointed officials is building into a seething resentment. The Chinese fantasy of economic development is rapidly disintegrating, and now the leaders demands of a free ride upon the back of the Chinese masses has reached its limit. The majority are poverty stricken in a country which consistently brags internationally about its wealth. Any subtle factor of change could tip the balance and become the catalyst to make 2009 the year of an historic shift in China.

It is nearly 60 years since Chinese Communist Party founded its government.

The Communist Party has always moved against the historical tide politically, and is obviously weathering its last days. The Soviet Communist Party was more than 70 years old during the time of immense tension between East and West.

Nowadays democracy dominates world politics. Hence the Chinese Communist Party is more isolated in its struggle between democracy and political tyranny. It is perceptible that the Chinese Communist Party will survive no longer than its Soviet counterparts, because of its outrageous measures in national politics and the boiling hatred it generates amongst the Chinese people, which is covered under a national lie of patriotism, a lie of self preservation, because people are too intimidated by criminal government threats to be able to voice their opinions freely.

We will hopefully see and participate in the political change which will see the demise of the Chinese Communist regime, and their fall from the historical podium within the coming ten years.

At this historic turning point, the Federation for a Democratic China is continuously focusing on the suffering of the masses of people in mainland China, and is sparing no effort to support the claim for human and financial rights by miserable Chinese citizens.

The Federation for a Democratic China closely observes the political and economic changes all over the world, so as to grasp every opportunity to lever the political deadlock of Chinese politics.

The Federation for a Democratic China preserves no unrealistic hopes for the Hu-Wen Clique and strives to take up the historic hatchet to bury the very last totalitarian dynasty and the entire millenarian authoritarian system of China.

The Federation for a Democratic China expects to cooperate with all kinds of progressive political forces and to bid for the moment of change.

The Federation for a Democratic China appeals to the Chinese people who have long borne resentments and who have been seriously oppressed.

The fate of history is decided by you. If you do not rise from silence, you will die in it.

Chin, Jin
The Federation for a Democratic China

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