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Battle against Organharvesting

English translation of article in Netherlands publication Telegraaf
By Jan Ligthart, De Telegraaf, Netherlands
December 12, 2008

The authorities in China still arrest Falun Gong Practitioners. A large number of them is also still tortured to death, after which their organs are being removed and sold for a lot of money to “transplanttourists”. Practices that have been going on for years so so far there is nothing new admits human rightslawyer David Matas.”But new is that finally the United Nations are taking the problem seriously.”

The Canadian David Matas (65) speaks today in Rotterdam to a conference about human rights and biomedicine. The subject: The Falun Gong as victims of organtrade by and in China. Practitioners of Falun Gong, a spiritual movement, are being put behind bars and tortured without a process in China. If the victime refuses to “turn around” it often has a deadly ending. The bodies are being used to sell organs to westerners who would be on a waiting list for months or years in Europe or Amerika.

Last year Matas published a detailed report in which also an interview with a Chinese docter who admits that he could get “fitting”organs from Falun Gong prisoners.

“Now China has responded with a video movie in which the same people suddenly deny everything. One docter lies so badly that he, with this, provides the evidence and tightens the rope around his and the authorities neck completely. Other witnesses deny things that are simply on the website of their own institution.”

In the meantime two UN committees have asked Bejing for clarification. With this Matas is finally getting results after seven years of battle.

“There will be a point when it becomes to delicate politically for them. And than these practices from hell will certainly be banned from the top.”

It doesn't end the arrest and torture of the Falun Gong practitioners admits Matas. “But you cannot improve the whole world in one time.”

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