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Wei Jingsheng Was Quoted by National Review's Article on Beijing Olympics

August 13, 2008

Last week, National Review published a series of 5 installments of series on the Beijing Olympics by its senior editor Jay Nordlinger. This is one of the best articles about the Beijing Olympics we have read. In his last installment, the author quoted Mr. Wei Jingsheng's answers about the Beijing Olympics.

We recommend our friends and readers to read this fine series. The original links of the articles are:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5;

The following are the quotation out of the article include the 4 questions and answers by Mr. Wei Jingsheng:

I will quote to you another great man - Wei Jingsheng. In 1993, he was a pawn in China's Olympic game. He was released nine days before the IOC voted (on the 2000 Olympics), after 14 and a half years in prison. I asked him some questions by e-mail; he answered via the same means:

Question: Will the Olympic Games be of great benefit to the Chinese government? Will they strengthen the Communist party?

Answer: The Chinese government wanted to hold the Olympic Games as the proof that the whole world is standing with the Chinese Communist Party, as a way to suppress the opposition minds of the people, and to maintain an autocracy that is ready to fall. So you can see that they have treated the Olympic Games as the most important thing.

Question: Can any good, for Chinese democracy, come out of these Games?

Answer: If the CCP has a successful Olympics, then it proves that it is in control, both inside China and internationally. It means that the CCP's life is extended for 20 more years - which means that Chinese democratization is delayed for 20 more years.

Question: What should be the stance of the West, basically? Or, put another way, what should be the stance of free countries?

Answer: The free countries should stand with the Tibetans and the democratic side of the Chinese by applying maximum pressure to the Chinese government and pushing China to the road of peaceful transformation. This would be the best choice for both China and the West - also for the business community that has invested in China.

Question: Anything else? Anything in particular we should know?

Answer: What you and the American politicians should know is that the current America is in its weakest period - sort of like lobsters shedding, most vulnerable to attack. If you let the CCP succeed in this crisis period of the Olympic Games, it will come to carry out its ambition to strive for supremacy in Asia. By then, America and Japan would be its target. Taiwan and South Korea will be its first feed.

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