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Wei Jingsheng and Huang Ciping Deliver Protest Speeches at the Reporters Without Borders Rally

in Front of the Chinese Embassy, with Huang Urges President Bush to Push for Release of Prisoners and Detainees due to the Beijing Olympics

Wei Jingsheng Foundation
August 09, 2008

On August 8, 2008, at 8:08 AM, both Wei Jingsheng and Huang Ciping were invited to speak at a rally organized by Reporters Without Borders. Other freedom advocators, religious prosecuted, and many Tibetans, as well Falun Gong practitioners also attended. Similar demonstrations were held outside China's embassies in London, Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Washington, Brussels, Montreal, Rome and Stockholm, at the same time as the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony was taking place in Beijing.

In Mr. Wei's speech, he condemned Chinese government's human rights records, and also pointed out that this human rights problem, as well as the other problems in China, such as environmental problems, education problems and poverty problems are all covered up because lack of free press and thus does not get exposed and resolved. This exploitation of free speech is exact the root reason of all the problems are not get solved, and thus escalated and worsened. Therefore, we must pay attention to liberate the press and to let people have the freedom of speech, whish is the pre-condition of solving all the other problems in China.

In Ms. Huang's speech, she talked about the fact that the Olympic Games in Beijing did not bring human rights improvements in China, instead they became an excuse for the Chinese government to suppress more. The human rights conditions in China did not get improved as the Chinese government promised back in 2001 during its effort to get the right to host the Olympics, but only worsened to make China a modern Fascist state. Many hundreds and thousands dissidents and religious believers were detained/sentenced/forced away due to the Beijing Olympics.

She urged the world, including Americans, to do more to help the Chinese people. In particular, she announced a partial list of incarcerated people that she gave to President Bush only 10 days ago at the meeting in the White House. These people have been detained and arrested due to the Beijing Olympics. "We will use the fate of these people as an indication, both for the human rights situation in China especially in association with the Olympics, as well as how well President Bush carries out his promise to us. Of course, we must try our own best to push for human rights progress in China first."

The partial list she announced at the rally included:

Yang Chunlin, who was sentenced for 5 years in March 2008 for organizing over ten-thousand peasants to get back their land, for having collected signatures for an open letter entitled "We want human rights, not the Olympics". Other leaders of this case were also detained or harassed.

Qin YongMin, who was the first person inside China against the Olympic Games to be arrested. He was sentenced to 11 years in 1998.

Zhang Wenhe, who was forced into a psychiatric hospital after carrying a banner in Oct. 2007 in the streets of Beijing, bearing the words "We want human rights and democracy, not fascist Olympic Games".

Hu Jia, who was sentenced for 3.5 years on April 3, 2008, after publicly condemning the Chinese government's failure to keep its promise to promote and respect human rights, made on the occasion of its candidacy as the host of the Olympic Games. He has poor health and a few months old daughter.

Huang Qi, who has been detained since June 10, 2008. Previously, he was in prison for 5 years.

Du DaoBin, who was put in prison in July 2008 for 3 years.

The list Huang Ciping presented to President Bush also includes some long time freedom and democracy advocators, some of them who have been recipients of the Wei Jingsheng Foundation's "Wei Jingsheng Chinese Democracy Champion Prize," and also those people whose family members and friends have made appeals to Mr. Wei Jingsheng or the Wei Jingsheng Foundation to get help from the international society.

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