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Breaking China
Refusal to run, jump or stroke will get nation's attention
April 7, 2008

The Summer Olympics will be held in China. It is no secret that China is perhaps the most repressive, authoritarian, brutal, harsh, tyrannical, and thoroughly oppressive country in the world.

Recently, the world has become upset that China is treating Tibetans so badly. As far as I can tell, its been treating all its citizens just as badly for decades. Remember the peaceful demonstrations in Tiananmen Square in 1989? There are at least 60 to 100 people still in jail.

The freedoms of expression, association and religion are non-existent in China. Freedom is non-existent in China. China does not have any meaningful justice system as we know it. Capital punishment is imposed for a host of crimes (not just murder). Every year, under its criminal code, China kills over 1,000 people -- according to China. How many thousands of people are they killing without even holding a criminal trial?

China completely controls all its religious institutions. China expropriates property without compensation and completely controls the Internet. Tens of thousands of police monitor Internet use around the clock to catch anyone foolish enough to post articles critical of China's political system. Everybody knows they are being watched, and everyone knows they are being listened to.


The purpose of the Olympics is to "place sport at the service of the harmonious development of man, with a view to promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity. Any form of discrimination with regard to a country or a person on grounds of race, religion, politics, gender or otherwise, is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic movement."

We know what China is. We know what the purpose of the Olympics is. Yet, on July 13, 2001, the International Olympic Committee awarded the 2008 summer Olympic Games to Beijing. I remember thinking at the time that the world had gone nuts. History has shown us that the Olympics do not change political philosophies. Take the 1936 Olympics held in Nazi Germany. China never should have been awarded the Games in the first place.

Several countries, including France, Poland and Estonia are considering boycotting the Opening Ceremonies. But they are all still prepared to participate in the Games.

Well, I've decided to take a stand. I will boycott the entire Olympics. I will not participate in the 100 metres race, with or without hurdles. I will not demonstrate my skills in the triple jump.

Nor will I even do a double jump. I refuse to jump at all. I refuse to throw the javelin. I will not perform my patented back flip dive with a pike and full tuck from the 10-metre platform. I will not swim the 100 metres -- not the butterfly stroke, not the breast stroke, or the back stroke. I will not go to the Beijing Olympics. I will not even watch it on television.

Is there anyone that seriously believes that by bringing the Olympics to China, China may become a better society? We should all stay away from these Olympics.

Nothing will change China. If anybody really believes that sending the world's greatest athletes to China will lead the country to make peace with Tibet, stop terrorizing the Falun Gong, start treating its citizens with dignity, and put human rights at the forefront of politics, then they need help.

The only gold medal that should be awarded to China this year is for being the most repressive country in the world.


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