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Democrat activist Fei Liangyong speaks on Gao Zhisheng

Democrat activist Fei Liangyong speaks on Gao Zhisheng

Sound of Hope Radio Network
September 27, 2007

After making a series of public stands on human rights in China, attorney Gao Zhisheng has once again been abducted by police and his family terrorised by their threats. The Chinese Communist regime's actions have sparked a public outcry from the international community. Sound of Hope interviewed democrat activist and nuclear physicist Mr Fei Liangyong, who has made strong demands that the Chinese Communist regime immediately release attorney Gao and end the persecution of Falun Gong.

Mr Fei Liangyong said,"Gao Zhisheng has the right to voice his concerns; it is the right of every citizen. The reason to call for a boycott of the Olympic Games is the deprivation of human rights in China. (Recording)

"Everyone has different viewpoints about the Olympic Games, I feel this is completely normal. Some people are calling for a boycott, because the Olympics should not be held where severe human rights violations are taking place. One of the most fundamental principals of the Olympic Games, is to promote humanity through these sporting events.

Under the current government of China, human rights has not improved at all in the last few years, and the persecution on Falun Gong has not subsided one bit. Under these circumstances, it is understandable that some people are calling for a boycott to the Olympic Games. If we do not stand for a boycott, at the very least the Chinese Communist regime must improve human rights [in China]. If you do not make improvements, you are not qualified to host the Olympic Games.

"Human rights is not the concern of one person. Anyone who violates human rights is, in fact, threatening the rights of the entire humankind." (Recording)

While the Chinese Communist Regime commits severe violations on human rights, Gao Zhishen has taken a stand, and called on the US congress to pay attention to these issues. As a human rights lawyer, or an ordinary Chinese citizen, Gao Zhisheng has the right to voice his concerns. The issue of human rights is not restricted to particular countries, it is a matter that concerns the entire human race. I really agree with Gao Zhisheng's words,'Any government who violates the human rights of just one person, is in fact, violating the rights of all people.'

Gao Zhisheng has the fundamental qualities of high moral character. (Recording)

Gao Zhisheng is remarkable. He is a noble man. He speaks out purely for the rights of people under persecution. This is a most remarkable quality of the highest moral character. Gao Zhisheng has the high caliber of speaking up for others. In the great history of China, there are few people as noble as him. I respect him highly.

Gao Zhisheng is a hero who has stood up to speak for Falun Gong under immense pressure. The persecution on Falun Gong is the biggest human rights disaster in China at present. (Recording)

He speaks out for Falun Gong, this in itself is extraordinary. For people outside of China, one with the basic sense of justice can achieve this quite easily, because we face no danger. Hence I am not a hero, but Gao Zhisheng is a hero, because he has taken a stand for Falun Gong under immense pressure. The persecution on Falun Gong is the biggest human rights disaster in China at present.

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