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Correlation noted

Re Inside China's 'crematorium,' Nov. 24, The Ottawa Citizen

By Kathy Gillis
November 27, 2007

When journalist Peter Worthington wrote: "CBC-TV will be showing Beyond the Red Wall -- the documentary it cancelled two weeks ago after the Chinese embassy complained about it being shown," I was worried. As a Canadian citizen, I was indignant that a foreign embassy could cause the CBC to self-censor. I am also a Falun Gong practitioner.

Falun Gong is not the only group under persecution in China. Human rights organizations report similar tactics used with the Tibetans, the Muslim Uighurs, the Christians, and anyone whose thoughts are not fully in line with the Chinese Communist Party's approved dogma. This is the point I want to make, not merely as a practitioner, but as a human being.

Like Christians and others, our practitioners have known for years that people were disappearing without a trace and we had no idea what happened to them. We were as shocked as anyone else at the evidence of organ harvesting -- that was almost beyond belief -- and yet, as the picture came into focus many inexplicable events, such as the repeated blood testing of prisoners, began to make sense.

Unlike the party functionaries of Nazi Germany who kept excellent records of their atrocities, the Chinese Communist Party records may be harder to find today. The direct statistical correlation between the rise in the rate of executions and the increase in Chinese organs available for transplant is noted by both David Kilgour and David Matas plus several human rights organizations.

Glen McGregor ended his article by quoting the researcher Harry Wu as asking; "Where are the documents?" This is reminiscent of the remark, "Seeing is believing" stated by the embassy official in the CBC documentary. Both are just silly. You don't have to see the pollutants in the air to choke on them.

Kathy Gillis,


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