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China fails to disprove Falun Gong killed for
organ harvesting

Re Inside China's 'crematorium,' Nov. 24, The Ottawa Citizen

By Kathy Xu
November 27, 2007

However good Glen McGregor's intentions are to inform us about the organ transplant situation in China, his visit to Chinese hospitals still could not prove that they have not killed 41,500 more Falun Gong practitioners as suggested by Kilgour-Matas report on organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners between 2000 to 2005 to provide the organs for transplant tourists from abroad.

It is a last-ditch effort by the Chinese government to show the world that Chinese doctors aren't killing Falun Gong practitioners for their organs. However, I read several Chinese hospitals' websites last year and I saw how they boasted that the number of organ transplant surgeries has grown exponentially in the last few years, coinciding with the persecution of Falun Gong in China.

One website stated: "At least 98 per cent of the organs for transplants come from someone other than family donors. In the case of kidneys, for example, only 227 of 40,393 transplants -- about 0.6 per cent -- done between 1971 and 2001 in China came from family donors."

According to the Kilgour-Matas report, "the number of prisoners sentenced to death and then executed and willing sources come nowhere close to the number of transplants."

These numbers are self-evident. Yet all of a sudden, all the organ transplant patients shown to Mr. McGregor received organs from family members. What are the odds of that? It smells more like a staged display rather than a random visit by the foreign press, which has never happened before under the communist regime in China.

Canadians should not just stop our curiosity about the Chinese health system's troubling organ transplant practice by simply accepting such inadequate displays to the outside media. Do we really think that the Chinese government is going to give us full access without any preparations and that the statistics of how many organ transplant surgeries were performed with organs from recipients' own families when so many foreign patients who have received organs in China have had little information about their organ donors? I think we should remain unconvinced until all the questions are answered.

I think Canadians should be very skeptical about such attempts by the Chinese government and not let our guard down so easily. We don't want to turn our backs to yet another Holocaust.

Kathy Xu,

Kingston, Ont.

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