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Torture Survivor Tells His Story

---------- THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 21, 2006 29

Dr. Charles Lee survived a three-year ordeal in a Communist Chinese
prison. His story of physical and mental torture reveals the true
nature of the communist regime in Beijing.

Torture Survivor Tells His Story

Interview of Dr. Charles Lee

by Roger Canfield

Dr. Charles Lee of San Francisco,

California, was released on January

21, 2006 from a three-year

ordeal in a Communist Chinese prison.

Dr. Lee is an American citizen and has

been since 2002. He grew up three hours

north of Shanghai, China. After attending

medical school in China, he applied for a

passport to the U.S.A. to get a master's

degree in physiology. When he traveled

back to China to aid Chinese citizens to

get uncensored news, he was imprisoned

and physically and mentally tortured.

THE NEW AMERICAN: What controls did

the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) exercise

on you as a student in the U.S.A.?

Dr. Charles Lee: Not much until I became

a Falun Gong practitioner in 1997. Then

the Chinese Communist Party-controlled

state police frequently visited my brother

and father in China to harass and intimidate

them. In the United States, the CCP

watched me. I believe they smashed my

car and stole my cellphone. They are always

trying to silence you.

TNA: What is Falun Gong? Is it a religion?

A cult? Why do you call yourselves

practitioners instead of members?

Lee: The Falun Gong cultivates good

health through exercise and meditation.

It is entirely peaceful, based on the principles

of truth, compassion, and tolerance.

Among Falun Gong practitioners you will

find no violence, no lies, no cheating. We

worship no leader. We have no temple,

no liturgy, no proselytizing, no collection

plate, no tithing. It is entirely voluntary.

TNA: So, why is the CCP afraid of the

Falun Gong?

Lee: "Truthfulness Compassion and Forbearance"

reflect badly upon the CCP. Falun

Gong's existence as a group of millions of

people inside China is like a mirror reflecting

upon the CCP's brutality and ugliness.

In only a few years, Falun Gong practitioners,

perhaps 100 million, far outnumber

CCP members. Falun Gong's existence,

however passive, threatens the CCP's absolute

control over the thoughts of people.

TNA: Why did you go back to China?

Lee: The persecution of Falun Gong was

getting worse. So in 2002, I went back

to China, preparing the way to reveal the

truth about the persecution on Falun Gong.

Since the CCP controls all media, I tested

equipment designed to tap into the CCPcontrolled

TV system.

TNA: How did that work out?

Lee: One night I got caught and was taken

to a police station because I did not have a

Chinese identification. They did not know

who I was. While they were not looking

closely, I climbed over a wall, escaped,

and left China the same day.

Roger Canfield, Ph.D., the author of China's Trojan

Horses, is an associate editor for Military Magazine.

Recounting the horror: Just a week after his release from a Chinese
prison where he was tortured regularly for nearly three years on what

amount to vandalism charges in the United States, U.S. citizen Dr.
Charles Lee speaks at a news conference.




TNA: You went back again in 2003?

Lee: I was arrested getting off the airplane

at the Baiyun airport in Guangzhou (Canton),

on January 22, 2003 and taken 1,000

miles away to the Yangzhou Detention

Center in Jiangsu Province.

TNA: Could you tell us about the crime

you were accused of?

Lee: I committed no crime. I was accused

of intending to destroy broadcast equipment.

To be punished as I was, even Chinese

law requires intent to endanger lives or

property. Tapping into a TV broadcast hurts

no equipment, no person, and no property.

TNA: What was your trial like?

Lee: My one-day trial was in Yangzhou

Intermediate People's Court in

Jiangsu Province. As a Falun

Gong practitioner, any lawyer

daring to stand up for me

faced harassment by authorities.

I found a lawyer who said

he would plead guilty and beg

for lenience. So I defended

myself. Only one day before

the trial, the authorities appointed

an attorney. He showed up thirty

minutes before the trial. I let him have a

try. It turned out to be only a CCP trap

to show the world I had a lawyer and the

trial was legitimate. The court disregarded

everything my lawyer said and I was not

allowed either to present evidence or to

defend myself.

TNA: What was your sentence?

Lee: I was unlawfully sentenced to three

years and locked in Nanjing Prison, 170

miles west of Shanghai.

TNA: You have said that you were tortured.

What did they do to you?

Lee: In China, they use physical torture

and threat of death to get people to give in.

Sometimes the torture is worse than death.

It is hell. Death is better. They tortured me

with handcuffs, which cut into my flesh to

the bone; it was extremely painful. They

pulled my arms upward, from the back. If I

moved at all, the pain would get worse.

They did not allow me to sleep for 92

consecutive hours. They forced me to

stand up for 16 days, from morning to

evening in front of prisoners. Four to nine

prisoners insulted and kicked me for not

standing up straight. And I had to sit and

think about my "wrongdoings" in a fixed

position. The longest time was 48 days

straight, with my heart problem surfacing

as a result. I sat fixed from morning into

night broken only by breakfast, lunch, and

dinner. I was forced to watch their brainwashing

simulcast on CCTV (China Central

Television). I could not read or talk

to anybody. My bottom developed a hard

callus — it was extremely painful and so

was my back. Exhausted, after two weeks

my brain worked very slowly.

TNA: In what other ways were you made

to suffer?

Lee: They forced me to do slave labor

at the end of 2003, to make shoes,

Christmas lights, and other things for

U.S.A. export. The shoes used an industrial

glue containing benzene. It's

very toxic and irritating. I felt short of

breath and had a headache.

TNA: What was the worst?

Lee: My mother suffered a lot because

of CCP persecution. I never

had time to do anything for her. She

died less than one hour before I got

to her. Anything that happens to me,

I can suffer and recover. But my

mother died, and I could do nothing

at all.

TNA: The Epoch Times has reported

that the communists are performing

organ removal on live Falun Gong

prisoners. What do you think?

Lee: I believe it is happening. China

has the world's largest supplies of

body organs. The CCP has harvested

the organs of executed prisoners for

many years. I witnessed it as a young

doctor. Today you can get a kidney

in a matter of days versus a threeyear

wait in the U.S.A. Practitioners

"Human rights are in the interest of the

American people. If we fail to realize the

viciousness of communism, our children

will suffer in the future."

— Dr. Charles Lee

Stopping persecution: Members of Falun Gong, an exercise and
meditation group in China that

advocates uttermost honesty, are tortured and killed by Chinese
authorities. American Dr. Lee

was arrested and imprisoned in China for trying to aid the Falun Gong.




of Falun Gong have been

brainwashed, put into mental

hospitals, imprisoned, and

tortured to death. Why not

live organ harvesting?

TNA: Would the large numbers

of organs available reflect

the beliefs of the Chinese

people in regard to organ


Lee: Ninety-nine percent of

organ removals are forced,

not voluntary. Deeply held

Chinese traditions favor an

intact body after death. The

only exception is family

members lovingly donating

organs to their own family


TNA: How has the CCP

maintained control all these years?

Lee: The CCP maintains power through

brainwashing, mind-control techniques

they invented years ago. These have been

used on all the people of China including

Party members. The Party wants to know

what's in your mind and insists you report

your thoughts. Your thoughts belong

to the Party.

TNA: How effective are these methods?

Lee: These techniques cleanse independent

thoughts. You lose control over your

own mind, your self-esteem. You become

a slave, a minion seeking to satisfy the

master. This vicious thought control has

destroyed the soul of the Chinese people.

TNA: In speaking about Chinese propaganda,

you have equated it to that done by

the Nazis. How do these methods compare

to Nazi techniques?

Lee: Forced indoctrination — thought

control — is worse than Nazi propaganda.

It is a technique of suggestology, the subconscious

influence of repeated lies. In

prison you cannot say no, and the CCP has

turned China into a big prison. The CCP

says it is the master over you, and it forces

you to repeat it. One knows it is a lie. But

when everybody repeats it, one comes to

believe that the majority of people truly

think the same way. A lie becomes the

truth to many people. This is the essence

of the CCP's power.

TNA: How damaging is mind control?

Lee: For years there has been no independent

thinking in China. No science,

no creativity, no art, no literature, no

Nobel laureates. Chinese scientists can

only steal the technology of others. In

contrast, the Soviet Communists nurtured

education and intellectuals and produced

— and stole — advanced technology, a

space program, nuclear capabilities, silent

submarines, and jet fighters. The

communists in China relied on farmers

and peasants as Party cadre who have

hated, persecuted, and murdered intellectuals

for 60 years.

TNA: Many Americans believe a strong

Chinese economy and trade will bring democracy

to China; what do you think?

Lee: This is wishful thinking. The Chinese

economy is a kind of storefront "window

economy" limited to showcase coastal

areas. It is only superficially a free market.

The CCP controls the connections, corruption,

black markets, lands, real estate,

mines — all the rules and resources. Businessmen

tricked into "easy money" investments

get hooked on poisoned bait. They

cannot leave and may go to jail. Long ago,

the CCP confiscated private lands and factories

"for the good of people." And now

CCP officials embezzle state money and

state-owned properties, "reforming and

opening up to the outside world." The CCP

has never changed — it only changes its

face to deceive people.

TNA: What message would you like to

give to the American people?

Lee: Human rights are in the interest of

the American people. If we fail to realize

the viciousness of communism, our children

will suffer in the future. Please, have

a heart. Especially stop those helping the

CCP to suppress and torture the Chinese

people by investing in and making a quick

buck in the illusive Chinese "big market."

TNA: Is there anything really important

we missed?

Lee: If the U.S. has a war with the CCP,

I believe the CCP will win. Americans

make a big fuss over 2,000 lives lost in

Iraq. For the communists, losing 200 million

is okay. The CCP could only be defeated

with atomic bombs. There would

be an outcry against this from the people

in a democracy like the U.S.A., but the

communists do not care. During China's

civil war, the CCP military surrounded the

targeted cities, and hundreds of thousands

of people could not get out and starved

to death. People are worth less than ants.

During the three-year famine, farmers

were not allowed to beg, and the military

blocked villagers from leaving. Lives were

nothing. Forty million died by official

count — 60 million by a careful count of

every county.

The only principle that guides the CCP

is that there is no principle at all; it is just

like a cancer. Feed it and it will consume

us all. ■

Life-saving effort: Dr. Lee, an American citizen imprisoned and
tortured in China, credits his fiancée Yeong-

Ching Foo and friends for gaining enough attention about his plight
across our nation, including gathering over 100,000 signatures urging
his release, so that he didn't "disappear" while in prison.

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